We are happy to introduce you VOVILO.

Our story begins at the late 90's we started to import men jewelry's from different places around the world, back then it wasn't normal a man will wear a bracelet or a ring.

VOVILO - Means very own, your own jewelry that make you look and feel special 
We found out that men want to have more than a watch, and today we can see everywhere around the world, men wear all kind of jewelry.

We are a jewelry store for men only! and we have designers from all over the world that design for us unique and special jewelry's for men, we believe you should wear anything that you like and makes you feel good, but you don't need to empty your wallet, that's why we keep our price low, but the quality is high.

The reason we get you the best prices is that we don't rebrand our jewelry and watches, that way you pay only for jewelry itself. 

In our world a man can wear more than a watch, We have bracelet's, rings, necklaces and other men accessories, and We have high quality watches stylish and unique designs from all over the world.

We will be happy to hear from you anything just contact us at: support@vovilo.com




trust us